VW Air Filters

this category has all the air filters and related parts you need for any volkswagen carburetor and intake system, we have 48IDA air filters, holley/weber progressive, weber IDF filters as well as stock and dellorto drla air filters. Heavy Duty K and N off road air filters, Outerwear pre filters for all almost every air filter on earth and even stack covers, all these and much more are in this category.

Velocity Stack Covers 48 Ida Black
Velocity Stack Covers 40-48 Idf - Red
Louvered Foam Air Cleaner
Stack Air Cleaner
Stack Air Cleaner 2 5/8"
Replacement Element For 1536-1537
Progressive Air Cleaner Adapter
Air Cleaner Adapter
Air Cleaner Adapter 2 5/8"
Gauze Air Cleaner
Replacement Element For MB9121
Replacement Element 2 1/2" Rectangular
Replacement Element 1 3/4" Rectangular
Chrome Rectangular Air Cleaner 2 1/2" 40-48 Idf
Chrome Rectangular Air Cleaner 1 3/4" 40-48 Idf