VW Ghia Fuel System

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Flange For Fuel Pump 61-74
Gasket, Fuel Pump Flange To Case ' 61 - ' 74
Gasket, For Fuel Pump To Flange
Carburetor, New Redline Weber H-30 Pict W/Electric choke
Carburetor, New Redline/Weber 34 Pict-3 Redline
Gas Guage Vibrator Bug 68-79
Fuel Pump,With Threaded Inlet , 40Hp
Fuel Sending Unit Bus 55-67 & Ghia 67-73
5mm German Fuel Hose - Sold Per Foot
Fuel Reserve Valve, Up To 1960
Gas Cap, Bug '61-'67 & Bus '68-'71
Operating Lever-Fuel Tap Bug To 1960
Elbow Hose, Between "T" & Tank Return Hose
Gas Guage Sending Unit Bug & Ghia 62-67